How to Delete WordPress Site

How to Delete WordPress Site

WordPress is most popular blogging platform in the World. If you are beginner to WordPress you must need to know, What is the difference between and . free and easy manage your website or blog. You don’t need to know any coding knowledge. is self-hosted, you can download free WordPress software and install it you own web server. All WordPress users are asking this question, How to delete WordPress site and how to get backups?

Did you build your website or blog with click this link and learn more: How to Delete WordPress Account . Now we are learning to you how to self-hosted WordPress website delete step by step.

Let’s start..

We can use two different method completely how to delete WordPress site?

  1. Manual delete WordPress core files and database using Cpanel (recommend).
  2. One click how to uninstall WordPrss form Cpanel.

Who want to delete WordPress website?

  1. Before new WordPress website upload into the server old one need to delete.
  2. WordPress website maybe hack, We need to delete all WordPress core files and database.

Now we are going to learn how to delete WordPress site (Manual delete WordPress core files and database using  Cpanel).


01. First step we need login to the Cpanel and click file manager.



02. Click on public_html icon and find your WordPress website folder. Before delete WordPress Core files open wp-config.php file.



03. You should know what is your database name under the wp-cofig.php file. Right click > Edit .



04. Note: Copy and paste your database name into the note pad.  Example: define(‘DB_ NAME’, ‘datebase_name’);



05. Close wp-config.php file and go back to WordPress core folder. Now select your all fills and press delete icon following image below.



06. Ok..your all WordPerss core files are deleted. Also now we are going to delete database. Go to the  Cpanel and click MySQLDatabases under the databases section.



07. Please find here your databases name you early copied. Now delete your database.


If you only have one database in your hosting account, things are really easy. Delete the database and the user associated with it. If you have multiple databases, refer back to the information you pulled from the wp-config.php file. Find the right database and delete it. Then find the right database user and delete them.

That’s all your WordPress website and all Core files are completely removed.

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